updated: 27/05/2009

disfigured: trout pouts

Featuring characters who have gone a little over the top with their collagen lip implants. The funny thing is that some of the ‘trout pouts’ achieved with prosthetic makeup are no worse than those which some actresses have apparently intentionally inflicted upon themselves – Saffron Burrows probably took the prize in 2008. Others are truly outrageous.

Two and a Half Men: In the episode ‘The Sea Is a Harsh Mistress’ Evelyn Harper (Holland Taylor) gets lip implants which leave her looking as if ‘her butt is in her lips’. Ed French was responsible for her new look.

Scrubs: In the episode ‘My Way Home’ Jordan (Christa Miller) has a problem with the heating in her office and when the door gets stuck her lip implants start expanding. Nadyne Peoples was head makeup artist; Lufeng Qu was effects makeup designer; Phyllis Williams was key makeup artist.