updated: 18/05/2009

Racechanging disguises: Slow Burn

A strange, convoluted movie – one of those movies where you feel the twists are too obviously manipulative – that jolts to a stop with a final twist, which has already been partially given away. Maybe there’s a two-hour director’s cut that would smooth out the bunny hops: but I don’t think anyone will ever bother to release it.

Assistant District Attorney Nora Timmer (Jolene Blalock) confesses to killing a man in what she claims was self-defense. But she is not what she seems – in more ways than one. One character is partially right when he describes her as a white woman who wants to be black. Whatever, blonde Jackie Longbough (aka Nora Timmer) apparently gets away with it – and the proceeds.

Sandra Feijoo was the makeup artist.