disguises: various ethnic disguises

Racechanging disguises

These are disguises that achieve a radical change of the character’s appearance by changing their apparent ethnic background.

And yes they’re still around particularly in respect of characters who are con-women or undercover agents who use disguises, including: Salt; Leverage; Slow Burn; Hustle; Alias; and Charlie’s Angels.

The movies

Caras & Bocas (2009): In one episode of this Brazilian show Bianca (Isabelle Drummond) adopted a dark skinned disguise.

Kisna (2005): Coming soon …

Going Hollywood (1933): Sylvia Bruce (Marion Davies) is beautiful but bored teacher who fantasises about a famous radio singer. When he gets a movie role she follows him to Hollywood, getting a job as maid to his co-star. When she is fired by the jealous co-star she returns disguised as a black extra, – strangely no-one . seem to notice that she is not really black despite her huge blue eyes – possibly because it was a black & white movie. Eventually she gets the co-stars role and the singer. No makeup credits were given.