celebrity fakeovers: Glenda Gilson

Anonymous: Glenda Gilson

Glenda Gilson is an Irish model – RTÉ described her as ‘Ireland’s top model’ but I’d only heard of her as Brian O’Driscoll’s girl-friend – and television presenter.

Glenda participated in the third season of Anonymous in 2008; she became tree-hugging eco warrior, Mairead Ni Buachailli, complete with ginger dreadlocks. As Mairead she launched an ‘Ugg Boots For Africa’ campaign, getting people to donate their old Ugg Boots to needy kids in Africa. Her own agency called the cops to get rid of her when she decided to begin an unsavoury form of protest against other model types.

The makeup

HybridFX have been responsible for the transformations on all five seasons; the makeups were applied by Mike Stringer with assistance from Mark Kilburn. The prosthetics were sculpted by Dawn Whitehead-Binns.