celebrity fakeovers: Kathryn Thomas

Anonymous: Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas is an Irish television presenter from Carlow. She is probably best known for presenting travel programmes. She is a past winner of the Travel Extra Irish Travel Writer of the Year award and the Sony Bravia TV Personality of the Year award. In the final episode of the fifth series of Anonymous she took over Jason Byrnes role when he went undercover.

In the first series of Anonymous Kathryn was transformed into Thomas Kay, a rather lecherous old man. She spent the first part of her day as Thomas trying to chat up girls, and buying porn and women’s lingerie. Then she had to try and fool two fellow TV personalities Pamela Flood – who was herself transformed for the second season of Anonymous – and Lorraine Keane at the Carlow Person of the Year awards ceremony.

The makeup

HybridFX have been responsible for the transformations on all five seasons; the makeups were applied by Mike Stringer with assistance from Mark Kilburn. The prosthetics were sculpted by Dawn Whitehead-Binns.