celebrity fakeovers: Pamela Flood

Anonymous: Pamela Flood

Pamela Flood is an Irish television presenter; she is a former model and Miss Ireland (1993).

In the second series of Anonymous Pamela Flood was transformed into Doreen Prendergast, a ‘posh auld one from Foxrock’, complete with an ostensibly talentless teenage daughter who wanted to be a celebrity. The Anonymous team invented a spoof pilot TV show called Boomtown Brats about well-heeled D4 kids aiming to become celebrities. Doreen’s ‘daughter’ (played by actress Susan Loughnane ) was, of course, a candidate for the show. A celebrity hairdresser, VIP Publisher, and Pamela’s own co-host, Caroline Morahan, were on hand to give advice but then a bitter argument broke out between Doreen and her daughter.

The makeup

HybridFX have been responsible for the transformations on all five seasons; the makeups were applied by Mike Stringer with assistance from Mark Kilburn. The prosthetics were sculpted by Dawn Whitehead-Binns.