disguises: Anonymous (Ireland)

Michelle Heaton
Rosanna Davison
Gráinne Seoige

Disguise makeups: Anonymous (Ireland)

Anonymous is a ‘celebrity based hidden camera show franchise, where via some state-of-the-art prosthetics we give celebrities a day away from their famous face, and in the process allow them to set up family, friends and fans’ – the emphasis is on entertainment. Anonymous was first seen in Ireland and the format is distributed by Eyeworks.

Like Wales, Ireland is in many ways a large village: the pool of celebrities is not that big and a number, eg Pamela Flood, have ended up appearing on Anonymous twice – as both victim and participant.

Kite Entertainment in Ireland were the originators of the format and the programme was first seen on RTE in 2005; it ran for some five seasons.

HybridFX have been responsible for the transformations on all five seasons; the makeups were applied by Mike Stringer with assistance from Mark Kilburn. The prosthetics illustrated here were sculpted either by Mark Kilburn or by Dawn Whitehead-Binns; Richard Leach sculpted several of the male characters.