disguises: Anónimos (Spain)

Eva González
Esther Arroyo
Sofía Mazagatos

Disguise makeups: Anónimos (Spain)

Anónimos, from Spain’s La Sexta channel, was the first of Eyeworks’s international commissions for the Anonymous format to reach the screen.

Anonymous is a ‘celebrity based hidden camera show franchise, where via some state-of-the-art prosthetics we give celebrities a day away from their famous face, and in the process allow them to set up family, friends and fans’ – the emphasis is on entertainment. Anonymous was first seen in Ireland and the format is distributed by Eyeworks.

Nacho Díaz and Óscar del Monte (Plan 9 FX) were responsible for all the amazing celebrity transformations on Anónimos. They used silicone prosthetics, wigs, dentures and contact lenses to make the celebrities completely unrecognisable; the disguises include gender and race swaps. Alberto Hortas, Cesar the Cat, David Hernández, Cristina Malillos, Miriam Carrrasco, Gema Peña and Cristina Rodriguez all worked with Nacho and Óscar on this project.