Anonymous franchise: various makeups

The Anonymous franchise

Anonymous is a ‘celebrity based hidden camera show, where via some state-of-the-art prosthetics we give celebrities a day away from their famous face, and in the process allow them to set up family, friends and fans’ – the emphasis is on entertainment.

Anonymous is distributed internationally by Eyeworks. Versions have been shown in Ireland and Spain, a pilot shown has screened in the UK.I have seen references to option deals with broadcasters in France, Norway, the USA, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. If anyone has information on any new Anonymous franchises in the pipeline, please email themakeupgallery.

The makeup

Greece: A TV station in Greece optioned the Anonymous format for local production, but then decided not to proceed. All that is left is a single preliminary test makeup by AlahouzosFX, transforming a young woman into an ‘Indian guy using silicone prosthetics’.

George Alahouzos tells me that: ‘This was a very quick test (the beard wasn’t fitted for her, it was just one we had lying around in the shop and they only gave us about four or five days to prepare the prosthetics). They wanted to see if these transformation effects could be accomplished over here.’