celebrity fakeovers: Change / 체인지

Change / 체인지

Change 체인지 was a Korean ‘fakeover’ show which ran on the SBS network for some thirty-two episodes in 2008. I don’t know if it was part of the Anonymous franchise but it had a lot in common – particularly the role of the presenters egging on the participants through a earpiece.

The makeup

Lee Chang Man was responsible for the transformations; his website has some high-quality images of these and many other makeups.

All the changes used a full-face silicone prosthetic appliances together with wigs and sometimes a fat-suit. Unlike many Western ‘fakeover’ shows though they don’t seem to have used dentures or contact lenses. Also, while there were a few chubbies and a couple of radical transformations (eg Kim Ji Ho becoming a man), a lot of the female transformations seemed to result in an pretty young woman becoming another – albeit unrecognisable – pretty young woman.