celebrity fakeovers: Average Joe – the makeup

Average Joe – the makeup process

A former Miss Missouri, Melana Scantlin, was cast as the bachelorette looking for her dream man. The twist: when her prospective suitors arrived she found that instead of a bunch of hunks she was meeting a batch of ‘Average Joes’.

One episode featured a scam to test the Average Joes’ real opinions: Melana went out for the day and in her absence the Joes were questioned by her her ‘fat cousin’, who then revealed herself to be Melana in a fat-suit, prosthetics, contact lenses, new teeth and a wig.

The show also showed the makeup process and a reveal scene where Melana tore off the prosthetics in front of the Joes.

They pulled a very similar scam in the second series with Larissa Meek as her ‘Mom’.

The makeup

Michael Burnett was responsible for this makeup.

Many thanks to an American friend for the tape – yeah, it was tape, which together with the NSTC to PAL transfer accounts for the poor quality.