celebrity fakeovers: other TV shows

Celebrity fakeovers

Yet another variety of ‘reality’ TV entertainment: transforming a celebrity (or a member of the public) with prosthetic makeup and getting them to trick their friends and families. The transformations are radical – enabling them to fool lovers, brothers and mothers up-close. Occasionally these shows claim some sort of educational or informative intent that is to be delivered through the ‘in-your-shoes’ experience.

Some of these examples are taken from fakeover shows and others are isolated examples set in the context of other shows.

Theres a lot of these around all over the world. Many of them I never hear about or only see thumbnail images in a foreign language news item. If anyone can help with information or images please email themakeupgallery

The shows

Featuring undercover makeups from various reality TV and docutainment shows featuring celebrity fakeovers.

Undercover Karaoke: Funny or Die set up a scenario where the singer Jewel disguised as Karen (with a prosthetic nose, dark wig and glasses), a businesswoman visiting a karaoke bar with a bunch of her work colleagues (actors). Her colleagues yell for Karen to take the stage and when she does – sounding just like Jewel – the crowd go wild, especially when Karen sings one of Jewel’s songs. When Karen leaves, Jewel takes off her disguise and creturns as Jewel. Unfortunately I do not have the makeup credits for this show, if anyone can help please email themakeupgallery.

Secret Celebrity: In this E! Entertainment special celebrities Nick Lachey and Kim Kardashian – okay I know she’s a celebrity but I still don’t know what she’s famous for other than being Kim Kardashian – don disguises and go under cover as ‘everyday people’ to surprise their fans. Homely ‘Cynthia’ sat amongst a group of fans waiting to meet Kim Kardashian. Matthew Mungle was responsible for the transformations.

Pièges de stars: For this French fakeover show Rebecca Hampton (an actress from a French soap) was transformed into a cold, authoritarian army officer interviewing some unsuspecting punter who having been asked to come to an army base was told they were being considered for a secret mission. Rebecca’s transformation involved a prosthetic nose, fake teeth, coloured contact lenses, glasses and a wig. Pierre Olivier Persin did Rebecca’s lifecast and designed her makeup; Stéphane Chauvet was the prosthetic makeup artist; Tamara Walsh was the hairstylist on the show.

Dieu Merci!: This Canadian TV show features improvised sketches where the cast often encounter special guests unrecognisably disguised with prosthetic makeup. TV presenter Colette Provancher is just one of many who have been transformed by Eric Thivierge.