celebrity fakeovers: Paris Hilton’s BBF

Paris Hilton’s BBF

This show was below comment. Apparently, interviewers were instructed by publicists ‘not to ask about her current relationship with Brittany Flickinger, the winner of the previous season’s contest held in Los Angeles’ (globeandmail.com) – that probably says it all.

Whatever, Paris Hilton went undercover to discover which of the wannabes really knew her – if they really knew her they’d recognise her under the prosthetics, or at least that was the justification for this over-used ‘reality TV’ device. In disguise she was supposedly an eccentric and incompetent assistant to the dresser preparing the wannabes for a fancy-dress party.

The makeup

The makeup was by Neill Gorton’s Millennium FX but I’m not sure who worked on the makeup; there are also images of the makeup process.