celebrity fakeovers: The Tyra Banks Show

The Tyra Banks Show

The Tyra Banks Show featured a couple of undercover investigations with Tyra disguised with prosthetic makeup. The first of these in 2005 garnered the most publicity when she went undercover as a seriously overweight woman. She also went undercover as a stripper.

Serious investigative reporting this is not but it was done with serious intent and not played for laughs.

She also did a fakeover of Paris Hilton for one of her Halloween shows.

The makeup

Todd Tucker (Illusion Industries) was responsible for most of Tyra’s undercover makeups.

Brian Sipe was responsible for the Paris Hilton fakeover on Tyra for her Halloween episode. He says: ‘Doing the race change was easy after doing the reality show Black White.’. The makeup was applied by Brian Sipe and Chris Gallaher.