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Disguise makeups: Wendy van Dijk’s fakeovers

Wendy van Dijk is a Dutch actress and TV presenter who is best-known for her candid-camera TV show Ushi en Van Dijk in which she conducted spoof interviews with unwitting Dutch and international celebrities in the guise of a Japanese journalist called Ushi Hirosaki. The original show ran or three years and spawned a number of spin-offs: Ushi Heiku featuring Annette Heick (Denmark, 2002); Ushi (Norway, 2003); Micuko (Hungary, 2003); Oumi (Sweden, 2004); and Noriko Show featuring Outi Mäenpää (Finland, 2004).

Ushi en Van Dijk was later repeated on Comedy Central which led to to a new show Ushi & Dushi in which Ushi returned along with a new character Lucretia Martina (aka Dushi), star reporter for TéléCuraçao. Their victims included Susan Boyle, La Toya Jackson and Larry Hagman.

In 2010 the sequel Ushi & Loesie was screened which introduced the character of Loes, a fan who gets to meet a Dutch celebrity after supposedly wining a TV competition. This time Ushi’s victims included Janice Dickinson, Shannen Doherty and Hulk Hogan.

In 2011 Ushi & the Familie featured Wendy as three generations of the Leenders family.

A movie, Ushi Must Marry, followed.