disguises: Hot in Cleveland ‘Hot & Heavy’

Hot in Cleveland ‘Hot & Heavy’

The series premise is that three 40-something best friends find themselves in Cleveland and realise that all the norms from Los Angeles don’t apply anymore so they decide to stay in a city that values real women and where they’re still considered hot. In line with movie and TV norms the 40-somethings, are of course, played by two 50-somethings and a 60-something.

In the episode ‘Hot & Heavy’ news-anchor Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick) plans to one-up her co-anchor with an award winning ’ expose of attitudes to overweight people. Unfortunately, Colin, the co-anchor, not only has the same idea but films Victoria making some extremely fatish remarks (while disguised in a fat-suit).

Time for humble pie.

The makeup

Lori Benson & Lisa Ashley were the makeup department heads; Thom Floutz & Bart Mixon worked on the prosthetics.