disguises: Ever Since Eve

Ever Since Eve

Marge Winton (Marion Davies) is an attractive secretary who has trouble keeping a job because her bosses keep making passes at her. Told that she is too good looking for one job at a publishing company she decides to make herself unattractive – donning a wig, glasses and baggy clothes.

She is immediately hired by a publishing company to assist an author who is behind on his next novel, the movie rights to which have already been sold. Marge’s job is to keep him working until the book is finished. When he meets Marge without her disguise she tells him she is Marge’s roommate, Sadie.

After much confusion and mistaken identities, Marge helps him finish his book, and Freddy figures out that Marge and ‘Sadie’ are the same person – cue happy ending.

The movie was a remake of The Social Secretary and was again remade as Pretendiendo; it was also reworked into Alex & Emma.

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The makeup

I have no makeup credits for this movie.