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Various male disguises: the 2000s

From Shakespeare to Shakespeare in Love, playwrights and filmmakers have delighted in disguising their female characters as men. Sometimes they have aimed for a realistic look and sometimes they’ve played it for laughs.

Then, of course, there are the actresses who have played male characters.

The movies

Fremde Haut (2005): The educated Fariba Tabrizi (Jasmin Tabatabai) finds herself persecuted in Iran because of her lesbian relationship; she flees to Germany seeking asylum. There she is detained and her application is refused. But before she is deported Fariba assumes the identity of a male detainee who has committed suicide; she is given asylum and sent to a refugee camp. There she finds love again but prejudice and her illegal condition jeopardize her exile in Germany. Susana Sánchez was the makeup department head.