updated: 10/10/2008

mask tricks: Murder by Death

Millionnaire Lionel Twain invites the five brilliant private eyes – Sidney Wang, , Dick Charleston, Jessica Marbles, Milo Perrier and Sam Diamond – to dinner at a remote castle. They are welcomed by a blind butler, and a murder is announced. Then Trilling disappears and the butler is found dead – but the murder is ahead of schedule. Chaos ensues: a screaming deaf-mute maid, spinning rooms, secret passages, false identities, and more plot turns and twists than I could be bothered to follow.

At the end Lionel Twain (Truman Capote) descends the staircase of the empty castle and removes his mask, revealing that he is really Yetta the maid (Nancy Walker).

Charles H Schram was makeup supervisor; Joe DiBella was makeup artist.