disguises: Nosferatu a Venezia

Nosferatu a Venezia

Professor Catalano, an expert on vampirism, goes to Venice in search of the great vampire Nosferatu. He believes Nosferatu has tired of immortality and is seeking a way to die. Helieta (Barbara de Rossi), the daughter of the Venetian family that Catalano stays with, believes a coffin in the house’s basement is Nosferatu’s and holds a seance to prove her case.

Predictably, she only succeeds in calling Nosferatu from his tomb elsewhere and attracting his attention towards herself.

At one point Helieta, under observation by Catalano, leaves the family palazzo disguised as the aged princess. Taunted by some revellers, she unmasks and abuses them in return.

The makeup

Jocelyne Bellemare was the makeup artist; the Burman Studio (Bari Dreiband-Burman & Tom Burman) was responsible for the special makeup effects.