mask tricks: Die Diebin

Die Diebin

Lana (Sandra Speichert) is the thief of the title and a mistress of disguise in this German caper movie. She is seen in two different mask disguises: revealing herself by unmasking on-screen both times.

In the first of these disguises – as the old lady – Sandra is clearly replaced by a double while in disguise but the unmasking is shown in full with Sandra wearing a thin peel-off mask. In the second disguise – as the airline worker – I believe the ‘Lana in disguise’ is again a double and there is a clear cut partway through the unmasking after which Sandra is shown removing an over-the-head mask.

As well as the mask disguises Lana is seen in a variety of wig and makeup disguises in the movie.

The makeup

Christina Paul was first makeup artist and Inga Huldarsdottir was second makeup artist on this TV movie.