mask tricks: Average Joe: Hawaii

Average Joe: Hawaii

For the second series another former Miss Missouri, Larissa Meek, was cast as the bachelorette looking for her dream man. The twist remained the same: when her prospective suitors arrived she found that instead of a bunch of hunks she was meeting a batch of ‘Average Joes’.

One episode featured scam to test the Average Joes’ real opinions: Larissa went out for the day and in her absence the Joes are questioned by her overweight ‘Mom’, who later revealed herself to them as Larissa in a fat-suit, prosthetics, contact lenses, new teeth and a wig. This was almost identical to the gag pulled on the Joes by Melana Scantlin in the original Average Joe: apparently, the Joes weren't as dumb as I thought – both series were filmed before the first one was transmitted.

We also saw Larissa’s lifecasting and makeup application and a reveal scene where Larissa tore off the prosthetics in front of the Joes.

Larissa has her own blog, where she has written about ‘The Day I became my Mother’ (part 1 & part 2) using these images.

The makeup

Michael Burnett was responsible for this makeup.

Many thanks to an American friend for the tape – yeah, it was tape, which together with the NSTC to PAL transfer accounts for the poor quality.