mistresses of disguise: Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

The Eye shadows, and ultimately tries to protect – but possibly destroys – Joanna (Ashley Judd) ‘a seductive, shadowy master of disguises, a frenzied murderer, a lost orphan and an abject mystery whose rage is as fierce as her beauty’.

This is a remake of the magical Mortelle randonnée: it follows many aspects of the earlier film quite closely – eg the sequence of her looks – but somehow completely misreads the relationship between the Eye and the girl.

Ashley Judd goes through an effective range of looks but somehow you just don’t get to understand, or care about, either the Eye’s obsession with her or her fate. At thirty-one she was also just too old to capture that ‘little girl lost’ aspect of the character.

It’s just such a shame that Stephan Elliott studied Claude Miller’s movie so closely without learning anything of consequence.

The makeup

Francine Gagnon was the key makeup artist; Ashlee Petersen was the makeup consultant; Richard Hansen was the wig master; Candace Neal was the wig consultant.