Disguises: F/X: The Series

‘French Kiss’
Lucinda’s other disguises

Disguise makeups: F/X: The Series

This TV series was a spin-off from the two F/X movies and featured the special effects and makeup artist Rollie Tyler assisting the cops to get the bad guys through ingenious movie-style trickery.

Rollie was helped primarily by his asistant Angie Ramirez (Christina Cox) and the actress Lucinda Scot (Carrie-Anne Moss), who often went in disguise using Rollie’s makeup wizardry and her own acting skills.

Katie Brennan was the makeup department head; Linda Preston was the key makeup artist; Paul Jones (Paul Jones Effects Studio) was was the special makeup effects designer/creator (the ‘real’ Rollie Tyler); Graham Chivers, Allan Cooke, Matthew Galliford, Sean Sansom, David Scott were special makeup effects artists on various episodes.