updated: 07/01/2006

mistresses of disguise: Marnie

Marnie Edgar (Tippi Hedren) is a compulsive thief and a sexually frigid woman of many identities (and none) who has a mysterious terror of thunderstorms and the colour red: so a not untypical Hitchcock character. She moves from job to job and city to city adopting a new alias and new image for each, plundering her employers along the way.

As in Claude Chabrol’s later Rien Ne Va Plus the disguises are part of the director’s game rather than intended to encourage us to buy the deception: Tippi Hedren was given a variety of hair colours to signal the disguises but remains essentially Marnie. Interestingly this must have been a conscious choice because the makeup tests show much greater differences between personnas.

Jack Barron, Howard Smit & Bob Dawn were responsible for makeup; Alexandre of Paris created Tippi Hedren’s hairstyles.