updated: 16/06/2009

Mission: Impossible: Cinnamon (season 1)

Cinnamon Carter (Barbara Bain) was the femme fatale and ‘woman in distress’ in the IMF for the first three seasons of the show. In her IMF dossier, she was noted as being a successful model and the dossier scenes showed her featuring on a number of magazine covers; this background also explained her skills with makeup.

Cinnamon was often used to play on the vanities of powerful men to get them to lower their defenses: sometimes playing the role of a beautiful woman on the make to draw the subject in; other times playing a woman in distress to distract someone. As such she was rarely required to adopt elaborate disguises, probably in part because of Barbara Bain’s claustrophobia, but there were a number of episodes that stand out and are given their own pages: ‘The Heir Apparent’; ‘The Elixir’; ‘The Slave’; and, of course, the mask trick in ‘The Bunker’.