updated: 16/06/2009

Mission: Impossible: other team members

Mission: Impossible had three sucessive long-term female team members (Cinnamon, Dana and Casey) but a number of actreesses also guest starred in one or more episodes. This happened particularly in season four after Barbara Bain’s abrupt departure and in season seven during Linda Day George’s maternity leave.

Valerie: Valerie (Jessica Walter) went undercover in ‘Orpheus’ in the fourth season.

Tracey: Tracey (Lee Meriwether) was the only one of the ‘guest’ team members during season four who appeared in more than one episode, featuring in: ‘Numbers Game’; ‘Robot’; ‘The Falcon’, which was a three-parter; and ‘Submarine’. Despite taking part in four missions she appeared to have no specialist area of expertise and her undercover roles included a nurse, a magician’s assistant who was able to see the future, and a compromised agent.