updated: 06/09/2002

Mission Impossible: The Bunker

In The Bunker the team have to rescue Anna (Lee Meriwether) from a European prison. To achieve this Cinnamon (Barbara Bain) entered the prison wearing two disguises – a mask of her own features over a mask of Anna’s features! This is one of Barbara Bain’s better mask tricks: as much illusion as makeup.

The illusion (needless to say Cinnamon disguised as Anna is Lee Meriwether playing Cinnamon disguised as Anna) is achieved with some makeup but primarily through a series of sleight-of-hand ‘cheats’ and timely cuts: the ready-for-use ‘masks’ that are actually the actresses’s real faces; the apparent offering of a mask to Cinnamon’s face; the peeling off of a layer of latex from Barbara’s neck.