mistresses of disguise: Mortelle randonnée

Mortelle randonnée

Beauvoir, the Eye, a lonely ageing private detective, stalks the beautiful chameleon-like Catherine Leiris (Isabelle Adjani) who kills and robs her rich lovers. He develops a hopeless, obsessive, one-sided relationship with the the young woman – who may or may not be aware of his presence – and seeks to protect her as he could not protect his own daughter.

Claude Miller works screen magic and Isabelle Adjani is luminous: Stephan Elliott clearly studied it closely but somehow learnt nothing of importance when he remade it as Eye of the Beholder.

The makeup

Fouzia Harleman was the key hairstylist; Elaine (as Eliane) Marcus and Catherine Demesmeaker (as Demaesmacker) were the key makeup artists; Laurence Azouvy was the makeup artist.