mistresses of disguise: Family Plot

Family Plot

The story involves a fake psychic, Blanche Tyler (Barbara Harris), and her con-artist, taxi driver boyfriend who attempt to locate the nephew of a wealthy and guilt-ridden old woman for the reward: Julia, the client, was responsible for her now-deceased sister giving up the boy for adoption years earlier and now wants to make him her heir.

However, the nephew is now a successful jeweler living under an assumed name, having apparently murdered his adoptive parents and faked his own death. He is also a successful kidnapper – his girlfriend Fran (Karen Black) assisting him and collecting the ransoms in a variety of disguises.

The two couples repeatedly cross paths in a ‘deviously complicated tale’ filled with ‘labyrinthine detail’ with Hitchcock ‘cheerfully flaunting the coincidence[s]’.

I thought the old-lady disguise was neat – deliberately not good enough to require some unlikely skills in prosthetic makeup but just good enough – with the help of a veil – to pass muster in the circumstance.

The makeup

Jack Barron was the makeup artist.