updated: 22/05/2009

mistresses of disguise: Revengers’ Comedies

A familiar tale: on the verge of suicide, two strangers meet and each agrees to seek revenge on the person who drove the other to this point. But this time it’s played for laughs with an Alan Ayckbourn script.

Helena Bonham Carter brings the ever-so-slightly-loony Karen Knightly to life (along with Karen’s impersonations of a frumpy secretary, a sexy, bimbo secretary and a middle-aged church organist).

Sallie Jaye was credited as Chief Makeup Artist. Helena’s teeth were by Fangs FX who also did dentures for her roles in Merlin, Novocaine, and The Theory of Flight. Helena Bonham Carter really does seem to have something about wearing prosthetic teeth – there’s not that many roles in the last ten years in which she hasn’t worn some sort of dental appliance.