mistresses of disguise: Salt


Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is a highly respected CIA agent until a Russian walk-in defector offers his prize information: the President of Russia will be assassinated the following day in New York at the funeral of the US Vice President by a long-term undercover agent named Evelyn Salt.

In the best traditions of the genre Evelyn goes on the run, catching a bus to New York disguised and with a new identity as the Puerto Rican Miss Fernandez. On her arrival she books into an hotel overlooking the church where the funeral will be held and it all gets a bit complicated.

As the movie progresses Evelyn adopts other disguises, including as a brunette – who looks very like Angelina Jolie – and as a male NATO officer.

The makeup

I particularly liked the Miss Fernandez disguise; that looked believable as something a spy might be able to put together from their ‘bolt kit’. I also thought her male look was an amazing transformation – in the Mission Impossible and caper movie tradition. But they did just not belong in the same movie.

John Caglione Jr was the makeup department head; Paula Kelly was the key makeup artist; Toni G was Angelina Jolie’s makeup artist; Kazuhiro Tsuji was the prosthetic makeup designer for Angelina Jolie; Rocky Faulkner was Angelina Jolie’s special makeup effects artist; Yoichi Art Sakamoto was responsible for Angelina Jolie’s prosthetic dental appliances; Cristina Patterson Ceret was the contact lens painter.