disguises: All My Children

All My Children

Taylor Roxbury-Cannon (Ingrid Rogers) featured in All My Children for three years in the early 1990s during which time she developed from wilful brat to feisty young police cadet.

In one story arc the rookie police-officer was sent undercover – disguised as a white woman – to infiltrate a rascist student group. Come on, this is a soap – in the circumstances she was clearly the obvious choice.

Ingrid Rofgers spoke about the challenge:

Psychologically, it was weird. It caused a lot of discomfort. I had to examine the whole black-and-white thing. [But perhaps not too closely] … Hey, we're talking about a soap opera!

The makeup

Norman Bryn was responsible for Ingrid’s transformation.

I am grateful to Norman for his permission for themakeupgallery to display these images from his collection. Norman Bryn retains copyright of these images and they may only be used with his express permission.