disguises: The Associate

The Associate

Laurel Ayres (Whoopi Goldberg) is trying to make it on wall street but male colleagues keep getting the credit for her work. So she sets up her own investment firm.

But prejudice still makes it hard for her to win clients no matter how good her pitch. Then she hits on the idea of pretending to be an associate with a white male senior partner, Robert Cutty.

All goes well until until her clients start demanding to meet this elusive Mr Cutty who is earning them so much money.

Fortunately she knows a makeup artist. The pretence was that Laurel wore a full-head mask rather than prosthetics so she was shown unmasking twice but not during the application.

The makeup

Greg Cannom was the special effects makeup creator; Michael Germain was the key makeup artist; Linda Benevente-Notaro created Whoopi’s body-suits; Miles Teves was the sculptor.

Greg Cannom said:

I didn’t use teeth or contact lenses to disguise her. I thought that when she smiled, audiences should still see Whoopi in there. What really amazed me was that people would come to the set looking for Whoopi and look right past her and she’d be sitting right in front of them.