disguises: Chasing Happiness

Chasing Happiness

This dreary, shoddy movie was first showwn in 2008 but it took another three years to achieve a limited release.

Four housemates are struggling to raise the monthly rent to come up with the monthly rent as New Year's Eve approaches. One of them pimps out the man she loves as a ‘sex therapist’; a couple run an illicit poker game; and Karina (Kashmira Shah) uses the backyard as an outdoor wellness clinic for gullible yoga students – in the guise of an elderly, bearded Yogi.

The ‘Yogi’ leads a class through a serious of increasingly silly exercises, including encoraging farting as a means to spiritual cleansings before storming back into the house where Karina tears off her disguise.

The makeup

Octavio Solis was the makeup supervisor & key hair stylist; Lee Romaire was the special makeup effects artist responsible for the Yogi disguise makeup.

The quality of the disguise makeup stood out in a dreary movie with generally shoddy production values.