disguises: The Decoy Bride

The Decoy Bride

Lara Tyler (Alice Eve), a movie star, is getting married to a best-selling author James but are having problems because of intrusive paparazzi crashing the ceremony. So Lara’s agent checks out the little known Scottish island of Hegg, the setting for James’s last book, as a venue for their next attempt.

On arrival they hire Katie, the only young unmarried woman on the island, to act as a decoy to distract the paparazzi. Katie is not keen but she needs the money; she’s returned to Hegg after a broken engagement and she thinks that James is a hack. Of course, she and James end up falling for each other, and accidentally married to each other.

Meanwhile, Lara goes into hiding after being spotted by the paparazzi. She then concocts some home-made prosthetic makeup from candle-wax and porridge and goes wandering about the island disguised as an old woman.

No I wasn’t enthralled and neithewr were most of the reviewers. It is a ‘clumsily contrived’ movie – the plot is as badly telegraphed as one of those rugby passes that result in an 80m interception try for the opposition – that ‘wants desperately to be a Richard Curtis movie, but lacks any of their charm or wit’. The Village Voice was, perhaps, a little unkind in describing it as ‘pernicious tripe suitable only for masochists and the intellectually disabled’.

The makeup

Annie McEwan was the makeup designer; Kate Elliot-Muir & Melissa van Tongeren were the makeup artists.

Lara’s disguise was intended to look home-made.