disguises: F/X ‘F/X: The Illusion’

F/X ‘F/X: The Illusion’

A young woman in danger seeks out special effects master Rollie Tyler to help her escape in disguise. After some persuasion he agrees, and sees her safely to the train station disguised as an old man.

But it turns out that the young woman is really actress Lucinda Scott who has been unwittingly hired to help frame Rollie for a gem heist. Rollie finds himself on the run and needs to use all his skills to prove his innocence and help capture the real criminals.

Rollie is seen applying this multi-piece prosthetic makeup and Lucinda later removes it as an over-the-head mask! Great makeup – shame that the only times it was seen on screen were in semi-darkness.

The makeup

Katie Brennan was the makeup department head; Linda Preston was the key makeup artist; Paul Jones (Paul Jones Effects Studio) was was the special makeup effects designer/creator (the ‘real’ Rollie Tyler); Graham Chivers, Allan Cooke, Matthew Galliford, Sean Sansom, David Scott were the special makeup effects artists on various episodes.