disguises: Robin Hood ‘Sisterhood’

Robin Hood ‘Sisterhood’

Returning to Sherwood the outlaws ambush a group traveling through the forest, including a striking blond woman in black leather. The gang demands a tenth of their money. Amongst the loot taken Robin discover a ring with the Sheriff of Nottingham�s insignia.

Some days later Robin sees a woman named Rose tied to a post in Nottingham. The Sheriff threatens to chop off a hand from each of her children as punishment for stealing. Robin intervenes but discovers that it is a trap set for him and that Rose is really the sheriff’s sister, Davina (Sara Stewart) – the blonde woman. Before long Robin finds himself dangling over a pit of snakes but escapes with help from Marian and it’s Davina who gets bitten

Vibram soles I can cope with but personally I found twelfth-century prosthetic makeup an anachronism too far.

The makeup

Kajtar ‘Bogyo’ Janosne was the hair stylist & makeup supervisor.