disguises: Merlin ‘Another’s Sorrow’

Merlin ‘Another’s Sorrow’

In the episode ‘Another’s Sorrow’ Princess Mithian arrives in Camelot with her waiting woman Hilda asking Arthur help rescue her father king Rodor who is hiding from Odin, the man who killed Uther Pendragon. But Rodor is actually Odin’s prisoner and Hilda is Morgana (Katie McGrath) in disguise and is controlling Mithian with an enchanted bangle.

As the rescue party sets out Mithian, heading for Morgana’s trap, warns Merlin of Hilda’s real identity but Morgana knocks Merlin out and the others continue, leaving Merlin with Gaius. With Arthur and most of his knights captive Merlin must use magic to effect a rescue and also to help Arthur do the right thing afterwards.

Morgana’s disguise is created by a magical spell that Morgana uses to make herself look much older than how old she truly is. The ageing spell used has some flaws: holding the illusion exhausts Morgana; and when Gaius examines her he is puzzled that although she appears to be an exhausrted old woman her pulse is that of a young woman.

The makeup

Jody Williams was the hair & makeup designer; Mark Coulier (Coulier Creatures) was the prosthetics designer.

The prosthetics were sculpted by Barrie Gower (BGFX) and applied by Shaune Harrison & Adrian Rigby. Hildas teeth were by Fangs FX.