disguises: Penelope


Although Penelope Elcott’s banker husband James is in love with her, he is constantly preoccupied with business. On a whim, Penelope (Natalie Wood) disguises herself as a sweet old lady and holds up her husband’s bank. She then goes to the ladies’ room, removes her disguise and emerges as a redhead wearing a yellow suit. She then tells a guard that there is an old lady with a gun is in the washroom before leaving the bank.

In a taxi she does a quick change before visting her mentally unbalanced psychiatrist and confessing her history of kleptomania. She then donates some of her takings to a Salvation Army band while wearing a blonde disguise.

Eventually, Penelope confesses to her husband when somrone who finds the money is accused of committing the crime. He refuses to press charges and Penelope reforms, having regained the interest of her husband.

The makeup

Bill Tuttle was the makeup artist.