disguises: To Be Fat Like Me

To Be Fat Like Me

Alyson Schimdt (Kaley Cuoco) is a high school student who enters a video competition in an attempt to win a college scholarship, disguising herself as an overweigh girl and learning the usual lessons. At the end she tears off her disguise to force other students to challenge their prejudices.

To explain her ability to achieve her transformation she is given a brother who is pretty nifty at prosthetic makeup.

This Lifetime movie was based on a documentary where the then fifteen-year-old Ali Schmidt was asked by a family friend who was a producer for ABC to go similarly undercover. She was meant to wear the fat look for two days but called a halt after the first day.

The makeup

Nicole Wise was the key makeup artist; Joel Echallier (SFX Studio Inc) was the prosthetics designer; André Gaul (Makeup FX by Andre Gaul) was the prosthetics assistant.

Kaley Cuoco spoke about the makeup experience:

It was an unbelievable, eye-opening experience too. I am so glad that I did it! … The first night I put it on, I called my mom from my hotel room sobbing and crying. Initially, it was difficult to see myself like that. It was emotional, it was hard and it was draining. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it … The face was full-on prosthetics from my neck up, and the makeup took almost four hours. I can’t stay still for five minutes, so sitting for that long was really hard … the fat suit was an actual body; it had boobs and everything. Sometimes it got so hot that I would skip wardrobe and walk through rehearsal fake-naked in it.