disguises: Between Us Girls

Between Us Girls

After playing Queen Victoria, ambitious young actress Carrie (Diana Barrymore) travels  to Long Island to visit the new mansion that her mother Chris (Kay Francis) has just purchased.  Chris confesses to Carrie that she has lied about her age to her new boyfriend, Steve; she has claimed to be thirty-one, and that Carrie is a twelve-year-old at boarding school – the photographs of Carrie explained as being of Carrie’s (non-existent) Aunt Sadie, the ‘black sheep’ of the family.

Carrie insists that her mother keep up the masquerade, and that as an actress she can pose as a twelve-year-old. She initially pulls it off but things get complicated when Steve’s friend Jimmy sees Carrie rehearsing for her next play in a ‘Sadie Thompson’ costume and Carrie finds herself pretending to be both her twelve-year-old self and her Aunt Sadie.

Soon Carrie falls in love with Jimmy, causing even more complications. Eventually the truth dawns on Jimmy.

The reviews were not kind: The New York Times describing it as a a ‘farce of the meager sort’ and said that ‘Miss Barrymore runs the gamut of her limitations’ concluding that:

‘… inasmuch as the picture frankly sets out to exploit Miss Barrymore’s talents, it stands or falls upon them. It falls, we fear, with a rather heavy thud.‘

Kay Francis who played Chris was then thirty-seven, just sixteen years older than Diana Barrymore.

The makeup

Jack Pierce was the makeup artist; Bud Westmore was credited for the special makeup; Charles Gemora was uncredited – as usual.