wig & makeup disguises: BitterSweet


Made for video is usually a bad sign and in this case the user comment at IMDB says it all:

The saving grace is Everhart’s mighty effort to abandon her glamorous image and deliver some genuinely astonishing Natural Acting … Minus make-up, her red hair muted, her delivery fresh, she comes through the only winner in this instantly forgettable waste of celluloid.

Samantha Jensen (Angie Everhart) comes out of prison seeking revenge on the mobster ex-boyfriend who set her up. Sam dons a blonde wig to rip him off and then a more elaborate blonde hooker disguise to get into the brothel where he’s staying. Oh yes, and along the way, for no apparent reason, the dowdy ex-con decides to go to a beauty shop for a glamorous makeover: maybe it was in Angie’s contract that she had to look good in at least one scene – who knows.

The makeup

Lori Ann Baker was the key makeup artist.