wig & makeup disguises from the 1990s

Disguise makeups: Wig & makeup disguises from the 1990s

These are disguises that reply on a change wig/hairstyle, and different makeup. They have been used by characters in comedies, caper movies, thrillers, Film Noir, TV mini-series, and just about every other movie and TV genre.

TVtropes would typically characterise these as either ‘Wig, Dress, Accent’ or – if less plausible – as a ‘Paper-Thin Disguise’.

Some of them are good but often they leave you with a belief problem: why didn’t he notice she was wearing a wig when he ran his fingers through her hair? why didn’t her husband recognise her? This is not so much a criticism of the makeup as an indication of a basic problematic with the concept of disguise: a more complex makeup would often just beg a different set of questions.