disguises: Patriot Games

Wig & makeup disguises from the 1990s

These are disguises that reply on a change wig/hairstyle, and different makeup.

They have been used by characters in comedies, caper movies, thrillers, Film Noir, TV mini-series, and just about every other movie and TV genre.

The movies & TV shows

The Con (1998): Con woman Barbara Beaton (Rebecca De Mornay) needs money so she sets out to con a lonely man out of an inheritance he doesn’t know he’s about to receive. She cuts and dyes her hair to become a conservative-looking school-teacher, Nancy Thoroughgood. Along the way she is also seen in a couple of other disguises: a nun and a bar-room girl. Essentially a caper movie with the usual happy ending. Desne J Holland was Rebecca DeMornay’s makeup artist:

Twelve Monkeys (1995): Classic Terry Gilliam; a deadly virus wiped out five billion people in 1996 and in 2035 the survivors are still forced to live underground; a convict reluctantly ‘volunteers’ to be sent back in time to get a sample of the virus; but he arrives six years early and is placed in a mental institution. He kidnaps a psychiatrist, Kathryn Railly (Madeleine Stowe), escapes, and sets off to find the 12 Monkeys (the group of revolutionaries who supposedly developed and released the virus), but he is now wanted for murder and kidnapping. He falls in love with Kathryn and refuses to return to the future; she in turn falls for him and dyes her hair to escape with him. But … Christine Beveridge was the hair and makeup designer.