Disguises: Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes

Rick Santoro, a flamboyant and corrupt Atlantic City cop, finds himself finds himself in the middle of a murder conspiracy at an important boxing match in a casino.

Whistle-blower Julia Costello (Carla Gugino) arranges to meet a politician at the event in hand over incriminating documents proving that her company has falsified the results of tests on a missle they are developing for the Pentagon.

But the politician is shot at the ringside and Julia is next on the assassins’ list

Serena (Jayne Heitmeyer) is one of the conspirators and also appears in disguise as a distracting redhead.

The makeup

Lucille Demers and Fern Buchner were the supervising makeup artists on the movie.

Before filming cinematographer Stephen H Burum ASC shot a series of hair, makeup and lighting tests. They give an indication into the planning necessary to make even an apparently straightforward makeup work.