fantasy: the Alien Nation universe

Emily Francisco
May O’Naize
Carrie Onbag

Aliens among us: The Alien Nation universe

Great concept and great makeups in the initial movie (though it would have been nice to see more of Cassandra). The movie Newcomer makeup consisted of full-facial prosthetics rather than just a headpiece as in the TV version.

The TV series and TV movies (inevitably) cut back onthe Newcomer makeup and turned into a Sci-Fi buddy cop programme spoiled by heavy-duty Star Trek-type moralising.

Rick Stratton led the makeup team for all the Alien Nation TV productions: at various times the makeup team included Steve LaPorte, Kenny Myers, Janna Phillips, Craig Reardon, Jill Rockow, Richard Snell, Tom Irvin, David Abbott & Zoltan Elek. On the movie, John M Elliott Jr was makeup co-department head with David LeRoy Anderson, Grant Arndt, John Blake, Roger Borelli, Zoltan Elek, Greg Figiel, Steve Frakes, Mark Garbarino, Emilio M Gonzales, Jeff Kennemore, Makio Kida, Eryn Krueger, Richard J Landon, Karen Mason, Brian Penikas, John Price, Matt Rose, Russell Seifert, Michael Spatola, Michiko Tagawa & Mike Trcic all working on alien makeup effects.