Andromeda: a Perseid ambassador

Andromeda: a Perseid ambassador

In the episode ‘Tunnel at the End of the Light’ Dylan has finally achieved his goal of finding fifty parties willing to join the New Commonwealth. He hosts the signing of the New Commonwealth charter on board the Andromeda. With all the delegates aboard he heads to a barren system to avoid any outside interference but hostile intruders are already aboard – able to phase through walls, make themselves invisible, and intent on killing the delegates.

The bisexual Perseids are gray, boring and bureaucratic but they have been friends to the humans since the days of the original Commonwealth: it may not help relations that a couple of them, including the ambassador (Ellie Harvie), meet their death at the hands of the intruders.

The makeup

Francesca von Zimmerman was the key makeup artist; Ryan Nicholson was the prosthetic designer.

In one scene Ellie’s prosthetics appeared to be coming adrift from her left cheek.