fantasy: Babylon 5 – Aria Tenus

Babylon 5: Aria Tenus

In ‘The War Prayer’ a racist group is terrorizing non-humans on Babylon 5, stabbing and branding them – including Shaal Mayan.

Meanwhile Londo has trouble with Aria Tensus (Danica McKellar), a young Centauri woman who wants to break with tradition by ignoring her arranged marriage and instead marrying for love.

Naturally, the two stories become intertwined.

The makeup

The makeups for Babylon 5 were originally designed by John Vulich and Optic Nerve Studios; Everett Burrell was the makeup effects creator (seasons 1 & 2); Jeff Farley was the special makeup effects supervisor (season 5 & the TV movies); Mike Measimer was shop supervisor and also an on-set makeup artist.

They explicitly set out to lift the bar for Sci-Fi TV shows: ‘not just a forehead’. They largely succeeded – setting a standard only beaten by Farscape in the 1990s.