fantasy: Babylon 5 – Firell

Babylon 5: Firell

Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight – a mouthful of a title, clearly intended to be the first of a series of TV movies featuring the Rangers and set in the Babylon 5 universe. But it was not to be.

Whatever, the Minbari Firell (Enid-Raye Adams) was the healer on the Liandra.

The makeup

Bill Terezakis (WCT Productions) designed the Kafta prosthetics and was key prosthetics artist; Rachel Griffin was key prosthetics supervisor; Christopher Mark Pinhey, Shauna Magrath, Brad Proctor, Vicki Syskakis, Pearl Louie, Lise Kuhr & Patricia Murray were prosthetics artists.

John Vulich (Optic Nerve Studio), of course, designed the original series prosthetics.